A double rainbow in the sky. There are some trees and the roof of a house below them.

Hello and welcome to my totally awesome site! Click on the links on the left to look at some cool and interesting things. Check down below to see any significant updates that I've made to the site. I hope you enjoy your time here and maybe you'll learn something new! This site was inspired by the amazing and wonderful bluef00t. Thank you for introducing me to neocities.


25 June 2022

  • A complete massive overhaul! I changed the site name from hifivesoup to vhsbaby. I wanted it to be my own creation instead of an album title from a band. I moved around some pages. I changed the "Cartoons" section to "Media" so I can combine a few things. I changed the site that I use for my guestbook. That's kind of it. I added two new dolls to my sewn items page if you want to check those out. More pages will be coming soon. I hope you enjoy the new site name!

11 April 2022

21 March 2022

  • I added a new page to my Blue's Clues area. It's about the Big Blue Dog drawing that I made. I explain every single part of it. I also started to add alt text to images. Most of them are not finished, but some are. I'll be updating them as I go.

3 January 2022

  • I added four new dolls to my sewn items page. They're the last dolls that I made in 2021! Go look at them.