2D Art

Here are some things that I've drawn over the years. I've categorized them into digital art and traditional art. I've compiled mainly the things that I'm most proud of or at least have taken some time on or things that I think just look cool and show off my style. I hope you enjoy!

Traditional Art

A page full of different odd faces and squiggly lines. Some faces are sad about today, some are quite silly, some are smiling and happy about their lives. There is one face that is screaming about the world! Different lines surround these faces. Some lines are straight and parallel to each other, some squiggle around the faces, some zigzag around the faces, and some form shapes that fill up the empty spaces. A page full of different characters that each have their own personalities. Ricky Fitness and Crash McLarson from the Aquabats are part of these characters. One person here is a secret spy, one is a clown, and many are normal folks with lots to share. There are patterns surrounding these characters and stickers stuck around the page. There are pieces of text floating around. One says 'LET ME ESCAPE, PRETTY PLEASE,' another says 'THE COOK DID IT!' another says 'BREAK THAT USELESS ARM,' and the last two pieces of text say 'AVOID COPS AT ALL COSTS' and 'THAT'S NOT A BABY, SORRY.' One person has the word 'POOP' written underneath them. A sketch of John Linnell and John Flansburgh from the band They Might Be Giants. The Johns are in black and white. Linnell is slightly in front of Flansburgh. He is wearing a very tall hat and has an accordion strapped onto his torso. The bellows are slightly expanded. Linnell's hands are extended out. Flansburgh is behind Linnell and is wearing the same tall hat as him. His right arm is stretched up above him and his hand is in a fist. His left arm is facing down with his elbow bent and his other hand is also in a fist. His legs are spread apart and he is leaning towards the right a bit. The background of the drawing is made of yellow and pink highlighter. A small acrylic painting of two ghosts. The ghosts are mostly orange and green and have their arms flailing around. The ghosts each have two black ovals for eyes and one black oval for a mouth. The background is all black.

Digital Art

A digital painting of a screenshot from the music video for 'Rabid Child' by They Might Be Giants. John Flansburgh is standing in the opening in a wall. You only see him from his waist up and his arms are above his head with his elbows bent. He is wearing a golden blazer with a white button up underneath. He has a guitar strapped onto his torso. John Linnell is sitting in the corner of the room behind Flansburgh. He is wearing an odd red hat and is playing an accordion. On the floor behind Flansburgh is a globe. There is an opening in the wall behind Flansburgh, but his body is covering it up. A digital drawing of a young John Flansburgh. It starts slightly above his chest up to the top of his head. He is fully purple. He has his left arm bent and positioned upwards with his hand right next to his ear. His right arm is bent and positioned across his chest with his hand holding onto his left arm. He is wearing a watch on his wrist. He is wearing a pink button up with thin purple stripes on it. Flans is wearing his usual glasses and his smirking a bit. A digital drawing of a young John Flansburgh standing in between two people in a Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse costume. Mickey and Minnie seem to be quite happy with Mickey waving to the camera, but Flansburgh does not seem amused. He's holding his luggage in one hand and is holding some sort of magazine in the other hand. They're standing in a very drab airport. A digital drawing of five red angels that are wearing pink dresses. Each angel has two white wings, one golden halo, and one curled strand of blue hair coming out of their heads. Two are flying in the sky and three are on the ground. One angel is holding a bunch of marbles while one is trying to steal from them. They're against a white background with a yellow sun shining down on them. There's a lot of text written around the angels. One angel who needs the marbles is saying 'I am in need of your marbles for a certain service. Give them to me now or else. It is very urgent.' The angel with the marbles says back 'these are mine and mine only. Now go away, fiend. I don't know you' and continues to call the other angel a fiend. The other angels are telling that one angel to take it. In the middle of the piece it says 'I'm not so sure what I should do here anymore.' A digital drawing of the Aquabats all huddled together in front of Ricky's camera. Ricky Fitness is in the bottom left corner and is smiling at the camera. The MC Bat Commander is leaning behind him and is making a confused face. Behind the Bat Commander is Eaglebones who is bearing his teeth at the camera. Crash McLarson is in the top right corner. His beard his long and you're unsure of what kind of expression he is making. Jimmy the Robot is behind all of them and not looking at the camera. He's looking at something behind them. They're all different tons of purple, blue, pink, and orange. A black and white digital drawing of John Flansburgh. It's from his chest up and is of his profile. He's singing into a microphone with his hand holding onto the microphone itself. He's wearing a blazer and glasses. A digital drawing of Robin Goldwasser singing into a microphone. It's from her chest up. Her right arm is holding the microphone up to her face. Her hair is styled in two braids tied at the ends with ribbons. She is wearing a white button up with a tie underneath a plaid dress. Her skin is different shades of pink and orange. Her outfit is different shades of purple. Her hair is bright red. She's against a white background with purple lines drawn around her. A digital drawing of a person thinking about an angel. The person is yellow with purple hair and is wearing a dark red coat and is located in the bottom left of the piece. Their thought bubble hovers above them on the right and has a picture of a red angel inside of it. The person is thinking to themselves 'sometimes I think about how my life would be as a nice angel. Maybe I could be the vessel for an angel one day.' There's more text around them that says 'look back and far ahead. All of the joy is to come soon. Think about us.' A digital drawing of a very blue person with red hair has their arm stretched out. You see them from the back and they are looking over their shoulder at you. They're wearing a purple jacket that says 'become mass produced today you fool' on the back of it. There's text on the piece that says 'if you're looking for something interesting and new then just go into your backyard and dig some holes. It's all extremely important for you to do so.' The background is black with colorful patterns drawn around it. A picture taken inside of a closet with flash on. There's clothes hanging up, a toybox, and a shelf full of tapes and books. Three angels are hanging around there. There's one high up on a shelf, another one on a different shelf that is lower than the other one, and the third one is standing in front of the shelf that is full of tapes and books to see which one to pick out. They're all red angels with pink dresses. They all have two white wings, one golden halo, and one curled blue hair coming out of their heads. The angel that is on the lower shelf is trying to steal the halo off of the angel that is looking through the book shelf. A compilation of odd looking people digitally drawn against a black background. Starting from the top left is a blue guy with a red and yellow striped nose. They are asking 'who are you?' to the purple punk next to them. The purple punk is saying 'you have something in your hair. I will get it out for you, friend.' The blue guy isn't friends with the purple punk at all. Right next to them is a racecar driver hugging a blue robot. The driver is saying 'come to me. This is going to work right now.' Below them are five funky dudes. Starting from the left is a yellow dude wearing a suit and a hat that looks quite mischevous. There's a purple guy walking along and whistling next to him. Then there's a green dude who kind of looks like a frog that is saying 'how ya doin?' Right next to the frog guy is a different purple guy that has multiple eyes and is sticking their tongue out. They're waving at someone and is saying 'hey!' The person next to that guy is a weird monkey looking thing. They're waving back at the purple guy and is saying 'hello!' A digital painting of my friend Gabriel. All you see is from his nose up. He has a large Rilakkuma doll in front of his face. His right hand is resting on top of the Rilakkuma doll's head. All you see of this doll is from the middle of his eyes up. Gabriel is looking over to the left with not certain expression on his face. Gabriel has dark long curly hair that frames his face well and has very dark eyes that match his hair. A digitl drawing of a screenshot from the Blue's Clues episode 'Draw Along With Blue.' Steve, Blue, Marky, and Chalk Girl are all in Steve and Blue's living room. The background is made of construction paper. Steve is standing up and posing for everyone with his left hand on his hip, his right bent outwards with his hand dangling down as if it was resting upon something, and his right leg bent over his left leg. He's looking off to the left and smiling. Marky is a small marker behind a large notebook that is resting on an easel on the left side of the piece. In the bottom left corner is Blue drawing on her sketchpad. You only see the back of her head. In the bottom right corner is Chalk Girl who is drawing on her chalkboard. You only see the back of her head, too.