The Mistreatment of Preschool Shows

Content warning: this page contains talk of sexual jokes made about preschool shows. This is just a little rant, don't take it too seriously.

To be a fan of media meant for children means you're absolutely cursed seeing the weirdest things about it online and even offline. For some reason people just feel the need to shit on things that are meant for children. Kids aren't allowed to have anything made for them at all. With kids being online more than before, this is bothering me a lot. It would be nice if people left kids shows alone, but somehow that's quite impossible to do.

One show in particular that I think gets a lot of weird jokes made about it is Teletubbies. It's just a show meant for toddlers and there's nothing particularly awful about it. I know many adults hate this show and so did my parents. It's okay if you don't like the show because it is meant for children and not meant for adults, but it's annoying to make such odd comments about it. One thing that I was unaware of and only found out by following the Teletubbies tag on Tumblr is that there's a game called Slendytubbies. As an adult it really shouldn't have bothered me so much, but it made me rather sad and disappointed. I would hate to see a show that I love so much be turned into a game like this. I'm no annoying asshole that hates horror, I actually really enjoy slasher films, but the thing that bothers me is taking these characters and turning them into this. It could scare kids who are fans of the show. I already keep seeing people say that the Teletubbies are creepy and scary and are incredibly weird so I hate seeing an incarnation of them like this. People also love to make those edits of them to make them look even more creepy and those are just so stupid. It's just people in costumes! Why can't people just let the show be? It's also really hilarious whenever I see people repost them on their meme accounts. It's a really overused joke and I think they should start posting things that are actually funny and new. It's even more funny when the picture quality is horrendous and so crunchy. They probably stole it from another meme account who stole it from another meme account who also stole it from another meme account and now there's only one pixel left on the picture.

Another major thing about this show is this one joke drawing that I saw before where Laa-Laa had her antenna going through Po's antenna as some sort of sexual joke. I need people to know that the Teletubbies are supposed to resemble toddlers, that's why they talk like that and act like that. It's probably not a good idea to make a joke like that about aliens that are essentially toddlers, but you can be a loser if you want to. They also drew Laa-Laa wrong and gave her Dipsy's antenna. If you're going to draw something like that then at least get the characters right. We all know better than to draw a character incorrectly. She could have kept her little curl anyways since it's straighter at the end. Another sexual joke I've seen about them is when people on Tumblr learned about Tiddlytubbies. There were so MANY jokes about them fucking each other. I know that's probably the first thing that would come to mind when learning about them because that's an easy way to explain their existance. Apparently, people have made jokes about this on other platforms, too. The Tiddlytubbies are actually their siblings, not their children. People most likely aren't aware of that fact, though.

There are a ton of other odd jokes made about them if you just search up "teletubbies meme" or something similar. I know I shouldn't be looking at all that stuff because it'll just make me sad, but I wanted to look for that one drawing to make sure I was correct on which characters were in it. I saw some more sexual jokes there with one being a picture of the teletubbies next to a picture of a person with colorful paint on their face to insinuate that they ejaculated on them. I also saw a bunch of the same jokes over and over again. People seem to not be that creative when it comes to making fun of the show.

The next show that I specifically want to talk about is Barney and Friends. I think every playground had some sort of song about killing Barney which is not as bad as adults making fun of it because I think it's just kids trying to prove that they're too grown up for baby shows. Maybe people are trying to continue this into their adulthood because somehow they can't actually grow up and have to prove it by shitting on preschool shows. The only way to show that you're an adult is by insulting things that were made for children. There's even a Wikipedia page for all of the anti-Barney stuff. I don't understand why people are so annoyed by Barney. I know people hate how cheery and happy he is all the time which is a super weird thing to be annoyed about. The show is for kids, why would he not be happy? I don't think you can educate kids on something while being mean or angry. I'm sure if they were talking about an incredibly serious topic then he wouldn't be so jovial because that would just be very inappropriate and he would understand that. This reminds me a bit of those people who think that since life has been unfair to them then that means that they can make life unfair for their children. It's such a weird mentality to have. I understand that children can have other feelings and emotions besides being happy, but it does not make any sense to be unnecessarily mean to your child. There's so much more I could say about this specific phenomenon, but I have to get back on topic. Why are people getting angry at a preschool show for being so lighthearted? Seek therapy.

Should I bring up creepypastas? Do kids even read those? I feel like kids are the ones writing them. I never read them as a kid because I can not pay attention to things well and I can not read at all. I've always hated reading. Anyways, I know not all creepypastas are about preschool shows, but some are and I have read some Blue's Clues ones and they're quite awful. They were all like "I found a mysterious tape and watched it and Steve killed everyone and it was scary and I pissed my pants. I also emailed Steve/Angela/Traci about it and they were like 'yeah, that sounds pretty scary' and I don't know how I got this tape at all." I guess that could scare a child. I feel like children are smarter than that, though. They would know it's fake. But some kids can't tell that those stupid ImJayStation videos or whoever else is similar to him are fake. The stuff that kids watch on YouTube is fucking weird. Kids deserve better content on there.

I wonder if the adults who do stuff like this are also the type of people who hate children to an extreme amount. It's something that has always confused me where adults (online and offline) will say such mean things about children and act like they're not humans and that they don't have feelings. They'll call them "little gremlins" or constantly call them "annoying" and "stupid." They'll also say shit like "kids shouldn't exist in public" which is fucking insane. It's frustrating to see because do they ever think about how they felt as children when adults would say the same thing about them? Did they ever feel like they were frequently being talked down to by adults because they were a child? I know I have! Then why would they choose to become that adult? It makes no sense to me. I just wish people would treat children and the content made for them with respect. If you are somehow unable to treat children's media with respect then could you at least treat real children with respect?

I have no idea if anything I've said has made any sense. I know it's all just whatever and maybe I'm just being too sensitive like I always am. None of this really matters except for the being nice to kids thing, but I hope this gives you something to think about. I don't want it to look like I'm a prude or anything when it comes to the sexual stuff, I just think you should stop doing that type of shit with preschool shows and even some shows for older kids. Please, no more My Little Pony porn, I'm tired of that shit. Leave those ponies alone!

I think I've just moved on so much from my "edgy" phase in middle school that all of this just annoys me now. Since this was mainly about Teletubbies, I wanted to share this article from 1998 that I thought was very interesting. A cool fan site was linked at the bottom of that article so check that out, too.