As many do, I really enjoy listening to music. Here is a list of pages that I made for bands that I have had a major obsession with in the past or just really like. I've tried to put them in order of when I got into them. I hope you enjoy looking at them! Each page has their own design so please do not be alarmed when the color scheme changes.

Here is my Discogs if you are interested in seeing what I own. I'm more of a CD guy over anything else. I try to branch out to other genres and try to buy random things that I see at the thrift store. Most of the stuff that I see is quite uninteresting, though. I usually listen to music on my computer. I like to pirate things. Some other bands that I listen to besides the ones that I have pages for are Kittie, Deee-Lite, Bleed the Pigs, Ween, Elastica, the Selecter, and some other bands. I get easily obsessed with things so usually I just listen to one band over and over again until I find some other band to attach to.