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Well, it's the Blue's Clues guy and I've been obsessed with his music lately. I got into his music after getting really into Blue's Clues in late 2020. I decided to listen to his stuff just to see what it was like and I got obsessed with it very quickly. Like with every band that I get into, I listened to everything in chronological order so the first song I heard of his was "Mighty Little Man." Well, I think the first song I actually heard from him was his cover of "Dead" by They Might Be Giants which appeared on an episode of This Might Be a Podcast that was about that particular song, but I don't know if I would count it since it's only a cover ... I guess it doesn't really matter. I highly suggest to listen to all of his music. I'll have everything linked down below.

I want to go through his discography a bit since I think the information out there is a bit incorrect and incomplete, but I am also quite confused about it. Some of this could be incorrect especially the parts where I mention him touring. Those dates could be wrong and I could be forgetting something, but here's a very important list of them. Let's start off with Songs for Dustmites. This is his first album that was released in 12 August 2003. You can listen to Songs for Dustmites on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Here's a PDF discussing if this album is appropriate for children or not. This release had two music videos with one being for "Mighty Little Man" (dancing Gabe version) and another for "What I Do On Saturday." He toured for that album in 2003 and in 2004. Here's a show from 27 July 2004 at the Casbah in San Diego, California (although on his website it says he went there on the 26th so I don't know who to believe). On 11 July 2006, a tribute album for They Might Be Giants was released titled Hello Radio: The Songs of They Might Be Giants which consisted of Steve's cover of the song "Dead" which he also made a music video for. As a mega TMBG fan, I really like this cover and think it's better than the original, but my opinion on that doesn't matter here. Later that year, Steve announced a new album called Deep Sea Recovery Efforts (the earliest mention I see of this on his site is from late 2006) that was to be released underneath the band name Steve Burns and the Struggle (or it was stylized as Steve Burns (and the Struggle), I'm a bit confused there). The album was also mentioned in interviews years before so he must have been working on it for awhile. Burns appeared on a Flaming Lips song called "Time Travel... YES!!" that's on the EP It Overtakes Me which was released 13 November 2006. Apparently, he played some shows in the later half of 2008 and had one show in Texas the next year. In 2009, it was announced that Deep Sea Recovery Efforts was finished and was actually an EP. I assume this was supposed to be released that year, but never was. You can listen to some version of it here. I'm not so sure if Steve ever talked about this EP afterwards and what happened to it. I would really like to know why it was never released. I think it's an amazing EP and I listen to it quite often. I hope one day it gets some sort of official release even if it just ends up being digital only. Though I would prefer a physical release, but I know CDs can be expensive and I don't know how many people would be interested in buying this anyways. I think this is where his "adult" work ends and where his kids work begins.

Let's start off with "I Hog the Ground" made for Jack's Big Music Show in 2007 with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips. This was made for the Groundhog Day episode which is episode nine from season two. Drozd and Burns have already been working together for years starting with his first album Songs for Dustmites from 2003. These two continued to work together to produce a kids album titled Foreverywhere which was released on the 24th of February in 2017 underneath the band name StevenSteven (also stylized as STEVENSTEVEN, Steve-n-steveN, Steven Steven, and possibly some other ways that I am not aware of). Check out their Myspace page. I totally forgot what Uni Vs. Octo was supposed to be for. I assume that was the working title for the album. Anyways, I really enjoy the bio on their page and you should totally go read it. You can listen to Foreverywhere on YouTube, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, and possibly some other places. This release had three music videos for the songs "the Unicorn and Princess Rainbow," "A Fact Is A Gift That You Give Your Brain," and "OK Toilet Bowl." They had an album release show on 26 February 2017 and here's a playlist I made of what I've found on YouTube plus other promotional performances. Two years later, they released an audiobook that is also titled Foreverywhere on Audible. Burns also appeared on a song titled "It's Going Up!" by Tim Kubart that is on the album Building Blocks which was released 28 September 2018. I think his musical journey is on pause for now so I'll leave you with the Christmas episode from Blue's Clues & You! and the music video for "You Can't Spell Blue Without YOU."

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  • Drive full of things. I downloaded a ton of stuff from Steve Burns Rocks! and other places. There are a lot of concert photos, clips from different shows, and affirmations so check them all out! I compiled them together so it'll be easier to look at and you don't have to use the wayback machine. Also, some of the videos I didn't download from Steve Burns Rocks! are somewhere on YouTube. I update this sometimes.
  • Steve Vs TMBG

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  • Steve Burns Rocks!. Please, look through the entire site if you're really interested in Steve, there's so much stuff archived on there. Literally everything is on here up to around 2010.
  • The Steve Scene. This consists of photos and reviews of concerts. You can not look at most of the photos, but there are some on Steve Burns Rocks! and I've put a bunch of them from there into my drive.
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