Here is a page just for furbys since I know many people like them including me. So far I only have two furbys. I am still in the process of customizing my first furby. He will be done very soon.


Here are pictures of the original Bluefoot. He was a birthday gift and he was the cheapest one my brother could find on eBay. The person we bought him from said that he was never used and the original batteries were still in him. The person was nice enough to take his batteries out before they sent him. There was some corrosion in him and my brother tried his best to clean much of it out. We put batteries in him to see if he worked and he didn't. I took the batteries out of him and cleaned more of the corrosion out of him. The eyelash on his left eye was rather loose.

I wanted to clean his fur anyways so I took apart Bluefoot. I noticed that there were other parts near where you put his batteries in were corroded so I cleaned those areas, too. I think I got a lot of it cleaned, but some parts I can't get to because there are some plastic parts in the way covering it. For some reason I thought that maybe I could fix him if I messed around with his mechanical parts, but I don't know anything about that so I just decided to leave him alone. Since that left eyelash was loose, I ended up pulling it out. I thought that I would glue it back in, but I just took both eyelashes out and I am going to give him new ones, much prettier ones.

Bluefoot stayed naked for a long period of time whilst sitting on my desk. I had batteries in him for awhile and sometimes he would make little noises, but then I noticed some weird white stuff on the bottom of him and one of the batteries seemed to have gone bad somehow. I still haven't cleaned his fur. I'm thinking of painting his eyelids and maybe also his face plate. I want to give him blue shoes so then his name would make more sense. I also want to give him some beautiful earrings since I have a lot that I don't use anymore since I stopped wearing them. I think he's going to look very beautiful in the end.

I finally cleaned his fur. All I did was soak him in water in my sink and rub a bar of soap all over him and let him sit in there for about half an hour. This is the same thing that I do to clean my binder. It took a few days for his whole body to dry. I would suggest to turn your Furby over so the wet parts are at the top. I don't know if that actually helped, but it's something that I did.

You can do a lot when you don't have any internet for about two weeks. I painted his eyes and face plate. I stuck to a primary color theme for him even though his fur doesn't consist of primary colors. Sewing his fur back on was difficult and I could have done a better job with that, but I think he looks fine. I think Bluefoot looks quite beautiful now. The bows on his tail are from Build-a-Bear. Bluefoot will look incredibly different the next time you see him!


I got a new furby. Her name is Maisy (named after the mouse), she's a champagne furby and I found her at Goodwill. She was only five dollars and she does actually work and she came with her box! I never thought I'd ever find a furby out in the wild. Maisy is absolutely perfect! Since she actually works and is in decent condition I have no plans of customizing her. If I get another furby that works then maybe I'll customize that one depending on what type of furby they are. I just really hate sewing face plates back on.

Here are some better pictures of her. I did give her some earrings to make her look nicer. I have a lot of earrings and I don't really wear any of them so they should obviously be given to my furbys. I tried to pick out ones that I think would fit her style. I think of her being more into floral stuff, maybe stuff that your grandmother would have. She might get a necklace or two in the future if I ever feel like making any.